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Howdy ho and welcome! to besaid.org—a collective of websites owned by a gal named Tara. Previously eyezeal.org and calintz.org if you're wondering. I've been designing websites for around 13 years now! (Dangnabbit, I am quite old.) Collected here are links to various sites I have created, featuring some of my favourite subjects. Mainly from video games and anime because, yeah. I'm a big nerd.

If you want to navigate from the main page, links are to the left of ya! I hope you enjoy your stay.

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This is besaid.org's 7th layout! Wow! Time sure does fly, eh? This one features yet another member from the hit anime and mobile game, Love Love! School Idol Festival. This one features one of my favourite Maki Nishikino designs. Textures come from Dearest, whilst the pattern used is from Cocorini! This layout is optimized for Mozilla Firefox, and 1366x768px screen resolution.