Let the dweeb talk commence! serves as a collective to showcase all the nerdy websites I've made in the past few years. I'm not into fanlistings, so all that is hosted here are what are known as shrines, which can be read about on the network page. Most of the tributes I create tend to be very text heavy and full of opinions because I am a giant opinion myself, and my sites are a branch of myself! So I feel more connection to 'em when I include a bit of myself when I create them. They're largely dedicated to female characters because I feel a much stronger connection to female characters and relationships. I also find lady characters tend to face a lot more scrutiny in fandom than males do, so I like writing lengthly articles on why that is bullshit and why female characters need to appreciated more. I love my gals.

I was around 18 years old when I purchased my first domain, but I've been playing with Photoshop and graphic/web design since I was around 15. My first domain was, with and following in its footsteps. Before that I had my ventures with sites like Geocities, but we don't talk about those days. We just don't.

I've written a fair amount of shrines over the years, but lost a lot of them in my domain moves because I always forget to renew my domain on time because I am a giant doodoohead. Thankfully I've managed to keep all my domains on auto-renew, as well as all my shrines on back-up so that doesn't happen again. I learned my lesson, okay. was purchased in March, 2014. We are hosted generously by Three Words.

Besaid comes from one of my favourite video games, Final Fantasy X. It is the name of Yuna's home island, where she grew up with Lulu, Wakka, an Kimahri. I didn't just chose this name off at random; rather, it was something I pondered for a really long time about. After playing through the remake on Playstation 4, I decided to finally go through with it. Finding available though, was actually the biggest susprise.

Final Fantasy X is one of those games that makes me feel a lot of things. It was one of the biggest influences religiously for me, and continues to be a reminder of what I left behind. For those interested, I grew up as a Pentecostal Christian, but years ago cast that part of me aside. I don't per se have a problem with folks who are into this way of life, but I do have my critcisms of it. The parallels I personally drew from my religious life and Final Fantasy X were simply astounding. It was one of the first major influences in my "questioning" period, that eventually drove me to believe what I do today.

The characters are also a major part of why I love Final Fantasy X so much. I see myself in a lot of the characters, probably way too much really. I see myself in Wakka, when I was so buried in my religion that there was absolutely no questioning it and no other possible truth. I see myself in Yuna, trying to help everyone and wearing myself ragged because of it. I see myself in RIkku, I see my confidence and happy-go-lucky attitude. I see myself in Lulu, in my cold exterior to strangers, my inability to let go, and my willingness protect something. I see myself in Tidus, I see my brashness and my cowardice. These characters all mean so much to me. They are what make the game so real and so important to me.

The game itself is about a journey of laughter, sacrifice, and a willingness to go on when everything has been taken from you. A story I feel like I can really relate to. And that's why I chose this name--because I feel such a bond with it.